The Real Savages

Lyndsey Frondarina
5 min readOct 16, 2020

This country was built on rioting, looting, killing and racism and people want to act surprised when it’s still happening today. We’re fighting for the same things our ancestors died for over the centuries and people still say this is the greatest country in the world. While others say, “Look what we’ve become.” But the truth is, this is what we’ve always been. From the time the settlers came here and stole the land from the Natives, it’s been nothing but chaos and destruction. This land wasn’t free for the taking, it wasn’t discovered. It was occupied, people lived here, they had homes and tribes and villages. And some men on ships came and looted and rioted and killed and raped and took what was not theirs to take.

They committed genocide to claim this country. They forced what Natives remained onto the worst lands, imposed their ways and their laws and their religions onto them after nearly wiping them out. And called them savages, THEM! All they were doing was trying to defend their land from invaders. All they were trying to do was protect their lives and their families from thugs. But the settlers labeled them savages, as a way to justify their own savagery.

Then, they took their ships to another country and stole actual people. They ripped them from their families and their countries and brought them here in chains, by the shipload, to be enslaved and raped and beaten and killed! And guess what, they labeled them savages too! These people, who may have been royalty in their country, were called savages here. They were bought and sold and traded and treated like property, weren’t even considered to be human beings, but they were the savages.

History doesn’t always teach it correctly. And depending on what part of the country you live in, history may not teach it all. Because they don’t want you know. They want to paint the US as a pretty perfect picture of the best country in the world and then wonder why everyone wants to immigrate here. They want to teach you about Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue. They want to teach you about the Nina, the Pinta, and The Santa Maria. They want to teach you about the first Thanksgiving, when the settlers and the Natives all ate together in perfect harmony. They want to teach you about the happy house slave who had a crush on her rapist master. They want to teach you about “Honest” Abe Lincoln freeing the slaves and how they were so grateful that Blacks and Whites fought side by side in the Civil War. They want to teach the white washed happy stuff.

Lyndsey Frondarina

Just someone using writing as an outlet to deal with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and life in general. Poetry on IG @in.2.the.darkness