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Before you read this, please know that I’m ok and this is NOT a cry for help or attention. I’m in a place where I feel comfortable enough to share this . . . to let others know they’re not alone and it’s ok to talk about it. It’s ok to reach out. End the stigma on mental health issues!

I thought about killing myself
again today,
I wasn’t really depressed
Or upset in any way . . .

At least not yet . . .

I just saw a knife
and wondered
what it would be like
to slit my wrists…

A Haiku collection

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Silence the voices
in my head especially
those who wish me dead

Silence the voices
who make me cry those who kill
my will to survive

Silence the voices
feeding on my brain, gnawing
driving me insane

Silence the voices
who silence me, silence them
fu*king set me free

A poetry account on Instagram asked their followers to write a 13-word poem on silence. I participated, but later that night it triggered a creative flow inside me. So, I expanded on it. I’ve dealt with suicidal thoughts for as long as I can remember, even before I…

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We often try to help people by giving them advice. But sometimes, that advice does more harm than good. Below; is a list of things I’ve heard time and time again from people trying to help me get over my depression. I’ve even been guilty of suggesting a few of these things to people as well because they have helped me (cope with or manage my depression) at one point or another but they are not cures for depression. They’re in no particular order. It’s just a random list.

You may have good intentions when making these suggestions. Some of…

Whitey and me on our last Christmas (2019)

Well hello there! I’ve been putting off writing this for a while because I HATE writing about myself. I know, cliché. But true. Here we go . . .

I’m Lyndsey, from Southern California. I’ve been writing since I learned how. Poetry is my thing. I recently began dabbling in blogging. I’m still learning. I wish my teachers would have accepted one sentence paragraphs back when I was in school! That seems to be popular nowadays. I’m more of a traditional essay structure writer.

I’ve always used writing as an outlet. I’ve dealt with mental health issues since before I…

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Somebody save me,
I’m slipping away!
Just give me a reason,
one reason to stay.

I’m running out of excuses
for wanting to be here.
I see no light at the end of this tunnel
and I’m being swallowed up by fear!

My fear of leaving is now
overcome by my fear of staying
and I’m starting to think
maybe I’m not worth saving!

Somebody save me,
tell me I’m wrong!
Somebody convince me,
this is where I belong.

Fuck it!
I’ll just save myself!
If life has taught me anything
It’s that you can’t depend on anyone else!


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I deserve happiness
but honestly,
I’m happy by myself!

Yet, here I am
trying to be
with someone else!

You don’t really want to be with me
and we both know it’s true.
You only want me
when it’s convenient for you!

I’m just an option,
never your priority!
So why do I continue to
give you my all so willingly?

Why am I here
craving your attention,
so desperately starved
for affection!

The truth is
I did it to myself,
so I can’t go around
blaming someone else!

A walking personification
of fucking selfishness! …

A poem about animal companionship

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It’s empty here without you!
There’s space where you should be!
But the biggest hole there is,
is the void you left in me!

Lyndsey Frondarina

Just someone using writing as an outlet to deal with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and life in general. Poetry on IG @in.2.the.darkness

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