A poem

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The scent of you

Lingers on me
after you’re gone!

I can still taste you
on my lips,
while I replay the clips . . .

of us slowly becoming one . . .

One breath, one heartbeat, one body . . .

Moving together
in unity,
for eternity



A phrase about one simple pleasure in life

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Remembering my worth after someone’s actions (or lack thereof) caused me to forget!

There will be times in your life when you’ll question yourself and your worth. And when you have mental health issues it’ll probably happen a lot more often. I…



The inside of my head
is such a horrible place to be!

Even the voices have stopped
talking to me!

We all sit in the dark

Sometimes I hear them
whispering ever so faintly.

Plotting my destruction

Patiently waiting
for their opportunity.

Eating away at my insides



Lyndsey Frondarina

Lyndsey Frondarina


Just someone using writing as an outlet to deal with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and life in general. Poetry on IG @in.2.the.darkness